About Us

Thank you for checking out Free Sample Monkey, the best, easiest to use, FREE SAMPLE AGGREGATOR on the internet. 

Free Sample Monkey was created by a free sample enthusiast just like yourself!

I realized that I was spending several hours a day trying to track down all the free samples and free stuff on the internet in addition to trying to keep track of all the best free sample sites that allow me to find free samples that get mailed to my house. It was a mess! Then it dawned on me, wouldn't it be nice if all these sites could be viewed in one place???

Of course it would! That is why I created Free Sample Monkey. All of the best free samples that the internet has to offer can be viewed in one place. No more switching back and forth between inconsistant pages trying to find the best free samples by mail deals online.

The way Free Sample Monkey works is by finding the top Free Samples by mail sites out on the internet and signing up for their RSS (really simple syndication) feeds. Then Free Sample Monkey aggregates these feeds into a really simple easy to read format that is updated automatically with the other top free sample and free stuff sites. When you click any of the links provided by those RSS feeds, you are taken to that free sample's page on the free sample site that posted the free sample. Due to the nature of how this site works, Free Sample Monkey does not provide any of the free samples by mail himself, he merely provides YOU with a link that ultimetely connects you with the free sample provider who will mail your free sample to you.

This process may sound complicated, but the end result is really simple and that is all you need to worry about; a hassle free collection of free samples that can be sent to you by mail.

Please feel free to contact Free Sample Monkey with any questions, concerns, or comments.

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